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If you are intrested in any of the beautiful peices on this page please e-mail gemsr4u2@juno.com

All earrings are handcrafted with quality gemstones, freshwater pearls, glass or crystal beads.

#1. Set with Malachite and Freshwater Pearls. $12.00

#2. Set in  black Hemalyke and clear glass beads. $12.00

#4. Set in Cobalt Blue Glass and Freshwater Pearls. $12.00

#6. Set in Jasper chips and Amber Glass teardrops. $12.00

#8. Set in Lavender Glass beads. $10.00

#3. Set in Malachite and Agate.$12.00

#5. Set in Jasper and Agate. $12.00

#7. Set in White Agate and Blue Glass teardrops. $12.00

#9. Set in Amber Glass teardrops and Clear Crystal Beads. $10.00

Please include item number and discription of each piece when ordering.

All earrings have a $3.00 postage and shipping fee not included in the price of item.